Keith Hernandez got more than a meal recently when he went to lunch with a friend. The former Met (and current broadcaster) was eating at the Central Park Boathouse with a female friend when he received some harsh criticism on his way out of the establishment.

Hernandez, who helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series, left through a side door and walked right past striking workers from the restaurant.

One Boathouse worker, after berating Hernandez for crossing the picket line to have his meal, shouted, "Mark Teixeira is a better fielder." Ouch.

That didn't sit well with the proud retired first baseman who won 11 consecutive Gold Gloves with the Mets and Cardinals from 1978 to 1988, a Major League record for the position that still stands.

The New York Daily News reports Hernandez, the 1979 National League MVP, yelled back at his critic: "Stop bullying me!"

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