A Hawaiian surfer survived a close encounter with a giant shark.

Moses Felipe, 58, was surfing with his son in Pearl City when a shark decided the man's paddleboard would be a tasty meal.

Felipe says he thought he struck a reef some fifty yards away from shore on Oahu's southwest shoreline. When he looked back to his left foot, he lived a nightmare right out of a horror movie: A huge shark was clamping down on his 10-foot board.

Felipe's son, Cameron told Hawaii News Now that the diameter of the shark bite measures 16 inches and the shark was between six to eight feet in size. "I just heard and felt the crunch," Felipe said. "He jerked me around and I fell in the water. I came up and saw the shadow."

Cameron said the first thing he did was check to see if his father still had his hands and feet. The two of them then swam to shore.

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