A Los Angeles area high school water polo says he was fired because of his sexual orientation.

Mitch Stein coached water polo at Charter Oak High School in the L.A. suburb of Covina until he was recently told he had lost his job. Despite being informed by the school principal he was not let go because he was gay, Stein believes that's the real reason behind the decision.

The angry coach tells NBC in Los Angeles he believes a parent became enraged over Facebook pictures of him posing alongside drag queens. That parent apparently sent the naughty pictures to the school district.

"There is a picture of me with drag queens that he was offended by," Stein told the TV station. "He said they were offensive and I said, 'If I were a straight male in that picture with cheerleaders, would I have been fired?'"

At least one parent, interviewed by the TV station, also believes Stein was fired for his lifestyle choices.

Stein isn't going quietly. If he doesn't get his job back, he's looking to file a lawsuit.

The school district did not have comment.

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