Green Bay Packers fans are caught in the middle of a cheesehead controversy.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has spent thousands of dollars to place a billboard close to Lambeau Field that shows the Grim Reaper wearing a cheesehead and warning fans that yummy, delicious "cheese can sack your health."

Fans attending this weekend's Packers game against the Broncos could end up getting the anti-cheese message as they drive down highway 41 in De Pere, Wis.

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You can mess with lots of things in Wisconsin, but just don't touch the holy curd of milk. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports this dairyland brouhaha has the makers of the iconic Cheesehead fighting mad.

Foamation Inc., the group behind the Vince Lombardi-style cheese Fedora and the Cheese Championship Belt, are threatening to take this donnybrook to the courtroom. "We by no means would condone that. We're a dairy state, for gosh sakes," said Denise Kaminski, office manager at Foamation Inc.

The group is incensed that its cheesehead was used in the billboard. A lawyer for the company has demanded that the physicians' group advertisement be taken down.

"We don't think (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) needs to use the Foamation-brand Cheesehead in order to convey its message." said Ed Sarskas, an attorney for the company. "That scythe could be cutting a block of cheese and the Grim Reaper wouldn't have to wear a Cheesehead hat."

If nothing changes, a federal lawsuit will most likely be filed in Green Bay.

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