Shabazz Muhammad is such a big deal in high school basketball that one fan is apparently willing to provide him one of life's greatest honors.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the top recruit in the country for the class of 2012 from Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas has been the focus of an intense recruiting campaign. One UNLV basketball fan is offering to name his child after Shabazz if the forward signs with the Running Rebels.

Jason Jordan, a prep sports blogger for ESPN, interviewed Muhammad recently and asked him to list the wildest things people are doing to try and get him to stay in Vegas. "Someone said on Twitter if I stayed in Vegas they would name child my name, so that was pretty crazy," Muhammad told Jordan.

Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis, Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA and USC are also among Shabazz's college choices.

Muhammad, a 6'6" 215 lb. forward, is a rock star on Twitter, with more than 10,000 followers as of this morning.

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