Call it hazing gone wrong. Really wrong.

Baseball rookies and second-year players are often forced to dress up in embarrassing and demeaning outfits as a rite of passage into the big leagues at the end of the regular season. The ritual has been called the ultimate sign of acceptance to the fraternity of spoiled ballplayers.

During the final road trip of the season, young players' regular street clothes are removed from their locker and replaced by all kinds of wild, exotic outfits that they must wear to the airport, through TSA and on to the next city.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have more rookies than most teams and the veterans took full advantage of carry on the tradition, reports the blog "Vin Scully Is My Homeboy."

But in a move some fans will find offensive, Dodgers closer Javy Guerra, of Mexican decent, was placed in this giant taco costume over the weekend.

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Guerra, 2-1 1.97 ERA and 20 saves, has had a very impressive rookie season.

This testing of the boundaries of taste is not new. Here's a Dodgers 2011 rookie hazing photo, which includes star prospect Dee Gordon in the middle dressed up as Gumby, the clay humanoid figure that had a 35-year run on television.

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