It worked for Howard Stern on satellite radio; now an NFL player has been given his own radio station. Sorta.

"All Mike Vick, 24-7," debuted on WPHI in Philadelphia this weekend. It's not a sports talk station, though. The new handle for the music station is simply a way to honor the controversial Eagles quarterback, who just agreed to a $100 million contract.

The move was made possible by a flip of Philly radio stations. All Access reports WRNB moved down the dial to 100.3 as "100.3 The Beat," with sister station WPHI moving up 107.9 and changing its name to honor the NFL star.

Don't expect Vick himself to host. "All Mike Vick, 24-7" debuted with music that leans Rhythmic as the new format grows. All Access reports they're going without Disc Jockeys.

Mike Vick Radio has its own website and Twitter handle @MikeVick1079Radio.

The station website ran this message Friday evening:

"Mike Vick has taken over the radio station! 107.9 is now Mike Vick Radio and we have no idea what he's going to do. Make sure you tune in to see what he has up his sleeve!"

Vick has come a long way since spending 18 months in prison on a federal dogfighting conviction and falling into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The new format is one of the better radio stunts in recent years. But you better listen to "Mike Vick Radio" while you can; the station is expected to be rebranded under a new name soon.

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