It's beauty and the beast -- pigskin style.

The ugliest team in the National Football League takes on the best-looking squad during Week One of the regular season. And no, we're not talking about Patriots vs. Dolphins.

The Wall Street Journal reports researchers at Ursinus College analyzed facial features from 320 NFL starters and even included the owner and head coach from each team to determine the NFL's most fetching set of footballers, and the winner is...


Yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Steve Johnson and Chan Gailey have done something Jim Kelly, Andre Reed and Marv Levy could only dream about: Bring a title to Buffalo.

Buffalo was crowned best-looking with an average facial symmetry rating of 99.47.

If only they looked like they played; the Bills coming off a 4-12 season and are tied with the Lions for the longest active playoff drought (11 seasons).

The Bills' opponents this weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs, are the least attractive team in the NFL. Researchers gave the AFC West champions a score of 94.6, lowest among all franchises. At least Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe and Jamal Charles play better than they apparently look.

The ugly ducklings (Chiefs) are a six-point favorite in Las Vegas over the foxy fellows (Bills).

Other interesting notes from the Wall Street Journal report:

- Kickers are the most attractive players in the NFL. Their symmetry score beat quarterbacks by .16 percent. It's a safe bet the ladies will continue to overlook this when it comes to dating.

- Bills coach Chan Gailey at age 59 is more attractive than many players (facial symmetry does not change with age).

- A majority of NFL players rank 10 percent higher in facial symmetry than the average person.

- Wide receivers are the least attractive players from the study (which didn't include the 300-pound offensive linemen). But even the supposedly heinous wideouts are way more attractive than average people.

- Patriots QB Tom Brady (98.52) is .5 percent less attractive than his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, who gets a 98.99 percent.

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