It's one of the biggest honors in American sports: the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Imagine the outrage if someone made it who didn't know anything about athletics.

Well ...

Actor Brad Pitt, appearing on the Sept. 26 edition of SI that hits newsstands Wednesday, admits he's out to lunch when it comes to hardball. "It's shameful how little I know about baseball," Pitt told the Daily Mail. "I'm amazed they let me do this movie. Baseball and I didn't get along that well."

While hardball wasn't his thing, the Daily Mail reports Pitt did say he gave some other sports a try while growing up in Oklahoma.

"I wrestled one year [in high school]," he told the British paper. "I dived one year. Everything but baseball."

The star of "Moneyball," the story of the Oakland A's making the playoffs several times under a low payroll, explained he did the film because he's a "sucker for the underdog story." Of course since Pitt isn't a real baseball fan, he might not realize that the A's are now as much of an underdog as ever. The only Champagne that has flowed in the team's home stadium recently was when the Tigers clinched the AL Central division there last week.

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NFL Films hired Pitt last year to narrate the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl documentary. But in that case, he admitted to being a big fan of pro football.

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