Wrigley Field is home to a new tenant this summer, but Chicago baseball fans probably don't wanna hear about it.

Black slime was found in the ice machine at the "Cub House" concession stand by city health inspectors.

CBS 2 Chicago reports that out of 35 concessions, inspectors found 20 critical violations at nine booths. Three booths were shut down after failing their inspection.

A staggering 57.1 percent of Wrigley Field concession stands had food violations good enough to earn an "F" according to health safety expert Kantha Shelke.

For example, the Italian sausage stand failed its examination after it failed to keep its meat hot enough.

More than 24 pounds of hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers had to be trashed from five different concession areas, according to city inspection results.

Chicago city health department officials changed their policy of only checking stadium food on non-game days. Now, they are looking at kitchens on game days when fans are actually eating the ballpark food.