While Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers don't have Bay Area fans thinking Super Bowl this season, they have already captured a title before Week 1 of the regular season. And it's probably not one they want.

The 49ers will travel the most air miles in the National Football League this season. San Francisco is one of four NFL teams to travel the equivalent of a round-trip around the world (25,000 miles).

The NFL says San Francisco will travel 29,196 miles, the most in the league. Eight teams will travel more than 20,000 miles: the 49ers, Seahawks, Chargers, Raiders, Cowboys, Dolphins and Bucs.

Chris Johnson's Tennessee Titans will have the least ground to cover, jetting just 7,060 miles from Nashville. Peyton Manning's Colts (9,554) and David Garrard's Jaguars (9,944) are the only other teams trekking fewer than 10,000 miles.

Not surprisingly, NFC West clubs have the highest combined mileage total (95,346) of all divisions. The AFC West (82,826) is next followed by the NFC East (61,278), AFC East (61,052), NFC South (55,718), AFC North (55,360), NFC North (54,732) and AFC South (39,742). If the Colts make the Super Bowl, they won't have to travel at all for the title game, which takes place in Indianapolis.

The National Football League says the total distance traveled by all teams during the regular season will be 506,054 miles, an average of 15,814 miles for 32 teams.

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