An ugly free for all broke out after a high school football game in in Tallahassee that sent a coach to the hospital and left 20 players suspended.

Orlando's Middleburg High School brawled with Leon High School of Tallahassee following Leon's 17-14 home victory. The Florida Times-Union reports that 10 Middleburg players were suspended by the Florida High School Athletic Association. Two of those athletes were handed a one-year suspension, five players were given a six week ban and three others were suspended for one game.

The punishment was even worse for Leon High. Three players were banished for one year with four receiving a six-week punishment and three others suspended for one-game.

The brouhaha lasted close to four minutes with more time needed to clear the field as a coach was injured when a Middleburg football player foolishly tossed his helmet at group of people, hitting one of his own coaches in the head. That coach left the field on a stretcher and was hospitalized over night.

Players that were found guilty of using their helmet as weapons in the fight and other "egregious unsportsmanlike acts," were given the full one-year suspension.

Tallahassee Police officials told WTXL ABC 27 that following the conclusion of the investigation no criminal charges will be filed in connection to the brawl.

Both schools have been fined and placed on probation until the end of the 2012-13 school year for the donnybrook, according to First Coast News. Each school will be forced to pay a fine of $2,950 for the embarrassing battle royal.

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