Alex Rodriguez's prima donna act in the Yankees clubhouse is legendary, from toothpaste to fashion.

The NY Post has the story from Luis Castillo, former batboy for the Bronx Bombers, who is tossing out all the Yankees' dirty laundry in his new memoir, "Clubhouse Confidential."

Pinstripe bellboys must sign confidentiality agreements now, but Castillo was part of the last group from 1998 to 2005 that didn't.

As for A-Rod's high-maintenance ways, the steroid slugger had his personal assistant position his toothbrush on a certain part of the sink, near the edge of the right-hand cold water tap, leaning with bristles up with toothpaste on it.

Clothing was an issue for Rodriguez, according to Castillo, who says the Yankees batboys had to lay his clothes out on the table so he could get dressed. Everything was in a predetermined order: Socks first at the end of the table, followed by undershorts, undershirt, shirt, pants and then shoes.

A-Rod was a competitive tipper, when he found out Castillo was getting bigger tips from Roger Clemens and Jorge Posada, he copied them, raising his tips. Castillo says A-Rod demanded to be the best tipper in the league. Rodriguez gave Castillo an extra $100 a week to get him a creatine shake after each home game.

Other Notes from "Clubhouse Confidential"

• Derek Jeter in clubs would use his personal trainer to go up to women and tell them that he was interested.

• Jeter, the model of Mr. Clean, would welcome Yanks batboys each day by saying "How're you doin', batches?"

• Security guard Craig Foley would let players know George Steinbrenner was in the stadium by opening the clubhouse door, and sounding the alarm: "Red Alert!"

• Manager Joe Torre called Castillo over during a game, sending him to his office to check results on the Off-Track Betting channel and see who won.

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