While it's not really athletic competition, the boys from World Wrestling Entertainment have your favorite cartoon superheros beat in the toy department.

Variety reports Mattel's new lines of action figures and playsets for WWE stars are paying off in a big way. WWE action figures beat Marvel and DC superheroes "Spider-Man," "Batman" and "G.I. Joe" during the first half of 2011.

Mattel redesigned the action figures to give them new articulating joints to replicate the wrestlers' signature moves in the ring. The dolls reflect the individual stars body shape, height, facial features and even tattoos. Tall guys like 7-foot Big Show are tall and short stars like 5-5 Rey Mysterio are short. Even the outfits change.

"WWE is a brand that's fueled by freshness in storylines and character and we wanted to make sure we delivered fresh new toys when they go to retail," Doug Wadleigh Mattel senior VP of global entertainment and franchise development told Variety.

WWE earned close to $52 million from toys and other merchandise last year.

Mattel is planning to launch new toys around Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "WrestleMania" match against John Cena in Miami next April.

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