Stephen Curry needs to check with his handlers before sending out future press releases. The Golden State Warriors star was featured in a dispatch announcing the guard and his fiancee, Ayesha Alexander, asked all their wedding guests to contribute to support military families instead of giving the couple gifts.

"I was inspired by the ability to partner with an organization like ThanksUSA that supports our troops and promotes educational values," Curry said in the statement. "Ayesha and I encourage all to give generously to all our service women and men, and their families back home. As we enter our second decade of war, the ongoing commitment our military and their families are making needs to be recognized and rewarded."

ThanksUSA, a charity, sent out the release. That's a wonderful act of kindness, but it looks less generous after you do a little digging and find out Curry and Alexander registered at Williams-Sonoma, asking for everything from a $299.95 Breville Die-Cast Blender to $18.00 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

You've gotta give Curry credit for his creativity -- the registry is in his bride's name.

Stephen became the national spokesperson for ThanksUSA in November 2010. He recently taped PSAs for the group which have aired in major TV markets across the country.

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