Novak Djokovic is making the more noise than anyone else these days in professional tennis -- on and off the court. Now America is about to meet his sidekick. The world's No. 1 player since July has brought Pierre, his French poodle with him to New York City for the US Open.

The New York Post reports Djokovic's coddled canine wasn't allowed in the UK during Wimbledon. The star was apparently crestfallen without his companion. But Djokovic was spotted with Pierre while on a modeling shoot for watches last week.

The 24-year-old Serb made odd headlines when he told the Wall Street Journal he's had an advantage this year thanks to a spaceship-like pressurized egg which supposedly helps the body increase oxygen absorption, leading to muscle recovery.

"I think it really helps -- not with muscle but more with recovery after an exhausting set," Djokavic said. "It's like a spaceship. It's very interesting technology."

As for Pierre, the worshiped mutt has its own Twitter account. Despite not tweeting since June 26, the pampered poodle has 1,152 followers. But that's nothing compared to Mark Zuckerberg's dog, Beast, who has 153,000 likes on Facebook.

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