Amar'e Stoudemire was disturbed by local Chinese culinary options while visiting Beijing's legendary Street Market. Although he was "starving," Stoudemire wrote on his website that there was "no way" he was going to eat the scorpions, sea horses and silkworms deep fried on a stick.

Amar'e also passed on other "delicious" local delicacies like giant lizards, snake, silkworm larvae, black scorpion and tarantula spiders.

Wearing a Yankees cap, with no Knicks gear visible on his body, the NBA star paid a visit to the Great Wall. He was impressed by the length (5,500 miles) and age (5th century B.C.).

While the lockout continues, Stoudemire is heading back to the states to start training for next season, he says he's "hopeful" something will get done sooner than later, getting ready for late October.

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Amare' averaged 25.3 ppg and 8.2 rebounds during his first season in New York. The former Suns star has overcome serious microfracture knee surgery in 2005 to return as an All-Star.

Stoudemire was ready for more appetizing cuisine from In-N-Out Burger when his plane lands at LAX.