A police officer has come to the defense of Allen Iverson in a $2.5 million lawsuit.

The mega civil lawsuit accuses the former 76ers star of instigating a bar room brawl that left a man from Ohio with a permanent eye injury.

This alleged assault happened while Iverson briefly played for the Pistons. Retired Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. is a key defense witness in the case. Chief Godbee was working on Iverson's security team the night of the alleged beat down in April 2009.

The Detroit News reports that Godbee says Iverson "was not involved, in any way," in the fight at a pizza bar in the Motor City.

Guy Walker Jr., the plaintiff, accuses one of Iverson's bodyguards attacked him, unprovoked, in the VIP section of the bar. The suit says Iverson didn't attempt to stop the fight, instead leaving the club with his posse.

Iverson's legal team claims the case is bogus and is attempting to block the plaintiff from having access to Iverson's financial and criminal records in addition to personal info like emails, addresses and phone numbers.

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