Chad Ochocinco has never played in a town with tabloid media, and boy is this going to be a fun NFL season.

The newest Patriots star is guaranteed a regular slot in the gossip pages during the 2011 season. And naturally he made an appearance on Tuesday morning.

Despite a $6 million salary, No. 85 is driving around New England in a 2010 Toyota Prius with no GPS.

How do we know the car is lacking navigation? Chad tweeted that he was stopping by a gas station for directions in his new town.

Ochocinco told the Boston Herald he's got pimped out cars, but they're not joining him in Massachusetts for now.

"I got Lamborghinis and stuff at home” Ochocinco said. "But this is just simpler."

Chad turned to Twitter on Monday for real estate and restaurant advice in his new home.

He also started his Tuesday with a classic Frank Sinatra song, Witchcraft, which he says guarantees a smooth day, regardless of what happens on the not-so-mean streets of Foxboro.

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