The lights weren't bright enough, the stage not big enough for Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati. He's not going to have that problem playing football outside of Boston.

The newest Patriots receiver popped up in the Boston papers on his first Monday morning with the team.

Ochocinco visited Christina's Fireside Grille on Route 1 in Foxboro, Massachusetts for some nourishment. An NFL star eating a meal is not gossip-worthy, but what happened next sure is.

A waiter asked Ocho what kind of day he was having and the former Bengals receiver responded, "I really need a hug."

The Boston Herald reports group hugs started to happen all over the restaurant.

Mark this down as the first legendary tale from the player formally known as Chad Johnson's time in New England. He had many celebrated off field moments in Cincinnati...

Ochocinco's Mythical Bengals Moments

• Bribing referee. In 2009, Ochocinco sarcastically attempted to hand a dollar bill to a ref while the crew reviewed one of his catches. That earned Chad a $20,000 fine.

• Phony Hall of Fame jacket. 2007, Monday Night Football opener, Ochocinco wears "HOF indction jacket" on sidelines with bold black lettering that said "Future H.O.F. 20??"

• Ocho Joins PGA Tour. Following a TD against the Ravens in 2005, Chad Johnson, as he was then known, used an end zone pylon as a putter -- which cost him $5,000 fine.

• Throw Your Sombrero In the Air! In 2009 Ochocinco put on a sombrero and matching poncho to celebrate a touchdown against the Lions. It turned out to be a very expensive wardrobe decision, earning him a $30,000 fine from the NFL.

• The Proposal. Following a 68-yard TD reception, Ochocinco sprinted behind the bench and got down on one knee, mock-proposing to a Bengals cheerleader.

• Pepto-Bismol. Johnson sent Pepto-Bismol to some Browns' defensive backs before a game, informing them they would need it after trying to cover him. The Bengals lost that day, 34-17.

• Beats Horse In Race. Thanks to a 110-yard head start, Chad beat a thoroughbred racehorse by 12 horse lengths over a furlong (220 yards) in a PR stunt for charity.

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