Tiger Woods could take a huge financial hit if he comes up short this weekend at the PGA Championship.

The Sun of London reports Tiger is in jeopardy of having his main sponsor roll back his endorsement money.

Nike reportedly plans to slice Woods $19,400,000 per-year endorsement deal in half if he completes his third straight year without a major victory. Tiger asked his goals for this week said: "A W ... a nice W."

Woods deal with Nike is set to be re-negotiated at the end of this year, they want Tiger to prove he can still be a winner. If he fails, the shoe giant will punish Woods to the tune of $9,700,000 less per year in his new deal.

Luxury watch maker Tag Heuer recently became the sixth corporate sponsor to end its relationship with Woods.

Tiger is also competing against golf's new golden boy Rory McIlroy, who unlike Woods enjoys the extra fan attention. While Tiger often is a sourpuss around his fans, McIlroy seems to be eating it up, even when fans sent photos of his date with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki out on Twitter.

"Being part of the Twitter/Facebook generation means I have to accept the celebrity status. You can't escape it," McIlroy said. "I've got half-a-million Twitter followers so how can I complain if I go out to dinner with someone and it's posted two minutes later. "You can't do anything about it. So why let it bother you?"

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