When a garbage truck loses part of its load, that's not news. But when that load includes the Super Bowl champion's playbook, it's news.

WBAY-TV reports several pages of the Packers' playbook were blowing around the streets of Green Bay on Monday morning when a Waste Management truck lost part of its haul.

Secrets of the team Vince Lombardi made famous were discovered by Jason Vogel, a police deputy, who saw a "bunch of papers flying out of the back" of a truck.

That trash was actually from Green Bay's special teams playbook from Friday night's pre-season game against Arizona. The Packers have been one of the NFL's worst at special teams. Despite winning Super Bowl XLV, they ranked 29th in that department in 2010.

It took almost an hour for crews to collect all the loose papers. A spokeswoman for the company says an investigation is underway to determine what caused the truck to lose about two cubic yards of recyclables.

Most NFL teams treat the playbook with the kind of respect a religious person would hold for the Bible. It's the sacred holy book that contains the super secret language of pigskin.

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Anyone who's watched HBO's outstanding "Hard Knocks" series over the years knows that when the Turk comes to release a player, he demands the playbook right away.

Green Bay's embarrassed football officials refused on-camera interviews with the TV station, claiming any sensitive material was shredded and that's why the papers from the trash truck were in the recycling bin.

It's good to see the Packers are more worried about the environment than keeping special teams secrets.