Remember when Chad Ochocinco called out all the defensive backs on his schedule? Now the Patriots' wide receiver is taking his trash talk virtual.

Chad Ochocinco has challenged Michael Vick to a "Madden NFL 12" showdown. The receiver contacted the Philadelphia Eagles star on Twitter and stuck his neck out for the world: the loser must give away his first 2011 game check to a charity of the winner's choice.

Ochocinco is set to earn $62,500 per game, under his reduced $1 million base salary, while Vick would have much more to lose (93.7 percent to be exact) in salary with his $998,437 per-game compensation under the terms of his $15,975,000 franchise tag.

As of this morning, Vick hadn't responded to Ocho's wager. It's unlikely he'll be allowed to accept, even if he wanted to.

The Eagles franchise player is living on a court-ordered budget until 2015. Nearly two-thirds of every dollar he makes goes to creditors and to taxes.

Vick will end up paying around $10.6 million to those he owes money this year, leaving "only" $5.3 million as his take-home salary.

In addition to challenging Vick, Ochocinco also gave some car shopping tips to rival receiver Torrey Smith, telling the Ravens' wideout to get a Prius with Eco Power as his "everyday" car.

Ochocinco recent stunts include announcing he'll be moving in with an X-box, Internet-loving Patriots fan this year.

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