Chad Ochocinco bonded with New England sports fans Sunday night in the front row at Fenway Park.

The Patriots wideout took in the Red Sox extra innings win against the Yankees -- and won a few bucks for his efforts.

Ocho took his Prius and fiancee Evelyn Lozada to the ballgame, with a financial stake on the outcome. Chad tweeted that he bet Lozada, a Yankees fan, $500 on the Red Sox winning.

It's unlikely that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will care much about No. 85's wager on baseball, but it is a "gambling activity" which, by the letter of the law, is a no-no upon under the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Ochocinco also claims he took his Prius back to Foxboro and spent the night sleeping at the Patriots facility to get ready for practice.

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