New Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton sure left his mark on the Steelers organization. The former Pittsburgh secondary coach hooked up a cook in the Steelers cafeteria with a Mercedes Benz.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Horton stopped by the Steelers facility on his way out of town, parking his red 1999 Mercedez Benz SL500 convertible roadster in front of the team's office complex.

Horton went in to say his goodbyes to the cafeteria workers when he saw Maurice "Mo" Matthews.

Horton asked Matthews, who has served lunch and dinner to Steelers coaches and staff for years, how much money he had in his pocket. Matthews said he had $20. Horton took the cash and said "Sold for $20!" He then tossed Matthews the keys to his car and told him to keep it.

What did 20 bucks buy? A similar car -- Horton's had 64,000 miles on it -- is for sale on the Internet for $16,900.

The next day, Horton had Matthews drive him to the airport, handing over the title and paperwork to transfer ownership of the Mercedes to the cafeteria worker.

Matthews said he's "still in shock," pinching himself from the surprise gift.

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