Isiah Thomas continues to be a New York PR machine, despite working 1,288 miles away in Miami.

The former Knicks coach was mesmerized by the tunes played over the weekend by actress Tayrn Manning at a social event on Long Island.

The New York Post reports the former Pistons star thanked Manning, working as a celebrity DJ, by handing over a $100 tip.

The actress, known for her rolls in Crossroads, 8 Mile and Jack and Jill vs. the World among others, was stunned by the odd gratuity. Manning showed off her generous fringe benefit for visitors, posing for cell phone pictures with her prize.

Thomas, famous for leading the Pistons to back-to-back NBA titles in the late 1980's, has been far from the limelight of the Big Apple, coaching at Florida International University.

The Golden Panthers have gone 18-44 (.290) under Thomas, including 9-25 (.265) in the Sun Belt conference.

While working for the Knicks, Isiah cost Madison Square Garden $11,600,000 after losing a sexual harassment judgement to team executive Anucha Browne Sanders in one of the biggest judgements handed down in history.

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