Dennis Rodman isn't going to the Hall of Fame alone; his wild wardrobe will be joining him. reports the legendary house of hoops memories has made a deal of sorts with the former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons legend.

Rodman has reportedly "given his word" that he won't pull any shenanigans during Friday's enshrinement ceremony.

In return, the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame plans to display Rodman's outrageous clothing from the big event in the museum.

Rodman, 50, was a five-time NBA champion with the Pistons and Bulls. He took home seven rebound titles and appeared in seven all-star games during his career.

The Worm could be soon joined by a surprisingly young player next season.

It looks like Yao Ming, 30, will skip the waiting period for retired players and pass directly to the Hall of Fame. reports Chinese basketball officials intend to nominate Yao in whats known as the contributor category, allowing him to bypass the five-year delay.

Its no lock he gets voted in, Yao's chances are better than waiting to 2017 as a player, following his injury shortened career.

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