Gilbert Arenas has failed in his legal efforts to stop VH1's "Basketball Wives" from using his name and likeness on the show.

A California federal judge rejected Arenas' request to stop former fiance Laura Govan from appearing on the show and dropping his name. Judge Dolly Gee, in so many words, said it doesn't matter, this is the "age of tabloid journalism and celebrity obsession."

The producers of the VH1 show have been granted an anti-SLAPP motion that wipes out all of the Orlando Magic guard's claims of free speech violations except for charges of publicity rights infringement. The Hollywood Reporter says the judge dismissed that claim, but will let Arenas file a new amended complaint.

My favorite part of Judge Gee's decision: There is fair use to Arenas' name because there's a matter of public interest involved.

The LA-based version of 'Basketball Wives' will hit TV sets Monday night.

Arenas isn't the only high profile NBA player to file legal papers against the show. Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic have also lawyered up against the reality show.

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