Nobody wants Jose Reyes to quit his day job, but the best player in baseball (until a recent injury) has a pretty successful side gig.

The Mets shortstop recently released a music video in which he plays a lead role. Reyes, 28, has a second tune played on radio stations and plans for a third song soon on his own record label.

Reyes five-minute reggaeton music video had over 147,600 YouTube views as of Friday morning. The song titled "No hay amigo", a.k.a. "There Is No Friend" was originally released on the Web in July. Taking a page from other musicians, Reyes voice on the video is Auto-Tuned, altering how he really sounds and making it nearly impossible to judge how he really sings or raps, according to the New York Times.

The video took several months to finish, and shows Reyes singing in front of a white Ferrari and showing off his jewelry. The piece was filmed at his Long Island home during a Mets off-day in May.

Don't expect Reyes, the National League's leading hitter at .339 and destined to be one of baseball's premiere free agents this offseason, to pull a Ron Artest and put music first.

"This is my hobby," Reyes said. "A lot of baseball players like to fish and have other hobbies. My hobby is music. When it's the off-season, I like to go to the studio, hang out with friends and make music."

Reyes, with $23,791,000 in career earnings so far, is bankrolling all of his record label's music, a collaborative effort named EL7 that so far involves seasoned artists or up-and-comers from the U.S., Dominican and Puerto Rico.

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