Steely McBeam for president?

Probably not, but the Steelers mascot might have a future in politics if he follows the career arc laid out by new Denver mayor Michael Hancock.

Hizzoner spent his senior year of high school working as "Huddles," the Broncos team mascot.

The Denver Post caught up with the Mile High City's 45th mayor at Broncos practice over the weekend.

"Huddles was the name, a horse on his hind legs, with a big helmet," Hancock said. "I was a senior in high school, and I spent the season as Huddles."

It wasn't just any season -- the 1986 Broncos opened 6-0 on the way to 11 wins and the AFC West crown.

Hall of Famer John Elway led "The Drive" in Cleveland to win the AFC championship game. Hancock, er "Huddles," received a trip to the Super Bowl from owner Pat Bowlen. On Sunday the Mayor thanked his former boss almost 25 years later.

"I was just reminding Pat (Bowlen) that he took me to Pasadena with him," Hancock said. "As a high school senior, that was a real treat to go to the Super Bowl with this team. I'm just a big, big fan and always have been."

Neil Diamond performed the national anthem before MVP Phil Simms and the Giants crushed the Broncos 39-20 in Super Bowl XXI The game featured three future Hall of Famers: Elway along with Giants linebackers Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor.

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