Tyson Chandler will forever be known as a world champion on the basketball court with the Mavericks, but he's hardly winning in the real estate market.

The former Chicago Bulls center unloaded his 20-room, brick-and-limestone mansion in the suburbs for $2.1 million. Not bad, except for the fact that Chandler paid $4 million for that same home in 2006, weeks before he was traded from Chicago to the New Orleans Hornets.

The Chicago Tribune reports the home fit for a king -- or a really tall NBA player -- includes 11,000 square feet, six-bedrooms, six full baths, a two-story great room, a wine cellar, a mudroom, and a master suite with a large onyx bath.

The three-story mansion was first listed in 2007 for $4.99 million. With no bidders, Chandler finally got rid of the property at a spectacular 47.5 percent loss. To make things even more uncomfortable, the buyer asked for a signed basketball and jersey from Chandler before closing on the home.

But don't stress too much for Tyson. During his nine seasons with the Bulls, Hornets, Bobcats and Mavericks, Chandler has earned $79,669,822.

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