It turns out two Ichiros are not better than one.

An Ichiro Suzuki impersonator got involved the Seattle Mariners game Tuesday night. And not in a good way.

M's second baseman Dustin Ackley hit a shot down the first-base line in the bottom of the third, and as the ball rolled in front of the stands down the foul line, the Ichiro-alike made his move.

The doppelganger almost cost Ackley a triple. Fortunately for the home team, the umpires decided to give the hitter three bases instead of a ground-rule double. reports the fake Ichiro had the full uniform on. He was wearing the No. 51 jersey, baseball pants tucked perfectly into his socks at the knee, a slightly bent bill on his Mariners cap, Asics shoes, and yes, the light black beard.

The real version isn't doing much better. Suzuki is hitting just .247 in the second half with a .273 on base percentage.

The phony Ichiro had been a hit with Safeco Field fans before his bonehead play, posing for pictures and even signing autographs. But there was none of that after this gaffe.

Seattle went on to beat Oakland 4-2 and everyone went home happy. Except Bizarro Ichiro, who went into a witness protection program.

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