Manny Pacquiao has punched Katy Perry, Pink, Coldplay and Rihanna down a notch in the music world. The WBO welterweight champ's melody "Sometimes" is the 11th most popular song on the "Secondary Adult Contemporary Charts," according to the weekly list published by radio trade publication FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback).

The Wall Street Journal has the astonishing story of how Pacquiao's 2009 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live sparked the series of events that led to the popular song even being created. Singer/songwriter Dan Hill became aware of the boxer after seeing him on Kimmel. Hill reached out, met Pac Man at a New York hotel where the boxer had rented out an entire floor, and agreed to work with him on a record and documentary. "It was like hanging out with Elvis meets Muhammad Ali," Hill told the Journal.

The musical piece Pacquiao created with Hill, "Sometimes When We Touch," is a remake of the 1977 song originally written by Hill that once was No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The new version has reached as high as No. 7 on the FMQB ranking. Not bad for an independent song.

The WSJ reports that Pacquaio's song is performing well only in more small-to-mid-sized U.S. markets. A single like Pacquiao's might play on a loop in DeKalb, Ill., before it earns any airtime in Chicago.

In addition to boxing, Pacquiao is an active member of the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines, representing the people of the province of Sarangani. Pacquiao sings to his children every night, according to Hill.

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