Major League Baseball has been played in one form or another since 1876, but never before have there been this many dramatic endings.

A staggering 10 percent of all baseball games have ended with the home team walking off with a win, entering Tuesday. That's the highest percentage since 1987, according to research by USA Today.

The Kansas City Royals, also-rans of the American League with the third worst record in the majors at 51-73, lead baseball with 11 walk-off wins. Manager Dusty Baker's disappointing Cincinnati Reds (60-63) have suffered the 11 walk-off losses, the most in the majors.

Justin Upton, star of the first-place Diamondbacks (69-54), is "King of the Walk-offs," with four game-ending hits, the most by any individual player in baseball.

With the economy bad for pretty much everyone in America, it's good to see our national pastime giving away bonus baseball.

Extra inning games are becoming routine, there have been 180 of them this year, the most through this date in history, according to the USA Today and Elias Sports Bureau. Major League Baseball's on pace for 241 extra-inning games. The record of 220 overtime games has happened four times in history.

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