While the NBA players and owners battle over the business of basketball, fans are fighting it out in tattoo shops.

Kobe Bryant has won five NBA championships with the Lakers to go along with an MVP award and 13 All-Star appearances, so it figures he also has his own ink-stained fans.

Complex.com posted this photo of a Kobe-loving hoops head with his leg tattoo, which trumps a LeBron James supporter who had similar work done. Yep, King James can't even win a fan tattoo title.

Last week a photo made the rounds on Twitter and the sports blogs featuring a guy with LeBron's kisser tattooed on the back of his leg.

The LeBron-Kobe tattoo war is first rate, but the best ink of the off-season is the guy in Dallas who picked up a Dirk Nowitzki tattoo on his butt because he promised his Facebook followers that he would do so if the Mavericks reached the NBA Finals.

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