Joey Chestnut is supporting our troops by eating massive amounts of kimchee and noodles. The No. 1 ranked competitive eater in the world is the headliner for Major League Eating's 2011 summer tour of Asia to entertain American soldiers.

Chestnut, the five-time Nathan's hot dog eating champ, is being accompanied by Crazy Legs Conti and MLE rookie of the year Adrian Morgan.

On the Fourth of July, Chestnut, an engineering major from San Jose, won his fifth consecutive hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, downing almost 20,000 calories in 10 minutes.

Conti, described on his website as "an eccentric New York window washer, nude model and sperm donor," won his first contest back in 2002 by gulping down more than 400 oysters in New Orleans during Super Bowl weekend.

Morgan, 28, from Baton Rouge, annihilated 18.5 peanut butter and banana sandwiches in 10 minutes to make his mark in the "sport."

Navy Entertainment sent the gluttonizing gorgers to a Naval base in South Korea over the weekend. The humans who eat like horses held a meet-and-greet with the soldiers and military personnel, even competing against the amateurs.

The traveling chow-down contests feature a number of different foods including Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, wings and popular Asian dishes like kimchee and noodles. Binge eating isn't normally part of the Navy fitness routine, but exceptions are being made this week.

This is the second straight summer that Major League Eaters have traveled around the globe to entertain our troops by scarfing down massive amounts of food.