Shawn Kemp was the second biggest star in the NBA behind a guy named Michael Jordan in the 1990s. These days he's serving up almost famous french dip sandwiches.

The Reign Man of the Sonics' glory years owns Oskar's Kitchen, a self-described "neighborhood joint" that cooks up American cuisine with a regional twist.

Asked by the Seattle Times, Kemp was asked who the heck Oskar is?

"Oskar is the little yellow fish swimming (in an aquarium) in the back. I've wanted to open a restaurant for a long time. I had been doing research for about 20 years. I decided to take it on myself."

Kemp says the reason he opened the diner in Seattle was personal: "I moved here when I was 18. My home is in Indiana, but I feel like I grew up here and became a man in the Northwest."

The 41-year-old played 14 seasons in the NBA, with the Sonics, Cavs, Blazers and Magic before hanging up his sneakers in 2003. Kemp is the father of at least seven children with six different women.

One of the offspring, Shawn Kemp Jr. received a scholarship from the University of Washington.

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