While his fans dream of a matchup with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been spending lots of time in the legal ring.

Mayweather, winner of nine world titles in five weight classes, just got hit with his seventh civil lawsuit in just the last three years. Two men who used to be associates of the boxer claim someone in Floyd's entourage fired a gun at them while they drove off from a skating rink in August 2009.

Courthouse News reports on the legal action, which claims Mayweather and his posse have threatened the men since the shooting.

Mayweather told the Grand Rapids Press he isn't very worried about his latest legal problem. "Everything is, 'How much money can we get?'" Mayweather said Wednesday. "It’s a bunch of (bull). But the thing is this: You try to hire the best attorney team for the job, and that's what we did. Like I've said before, everything is off of allegations. My main thing is to try to stay focused, be positive, surround myself with positive people, and when certain things like that come my way, try to avoid it as much as possible."

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In addition to the civil matters, Floyd is facing up to 34 years in state prison on felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery charges. His ex-girlfriend accused him of beating her up and stealing her cell phone during a fight in front of the couple's three children.

Mayweather is training in Las Vegas for a fight against Victor Ortiz on September 17.

Floyd Mayweather's Legal Battles

• June: Man claims Mayweather's bodyguards beat him up for asking the boxer about upcoming fight.

• January: Security guard at Mayweather's home community claimed he was assaulted by Floyd after asking him to show ID before entering the gated community.

• July 2010: Mayweather sued for $62,000 in allegedly unpaid rent for commercial space.

• December 2009: Mayweather sued for defaming Manny Pacquiao by accusing him of using steroids.

• September 2009: Mayweather picks up two lawsuits, one for failing to pay legal bills. The other claims he failed to pay for his 2007 Mercedes Maybach 57S.