Outside of the NBA, its hard to find many organizations where employees covered in tattoos are cherished.

But owners of Anytime Fitness Inc. are now encouraging employees to get the fitness company's purple "Running Man" logo inked onto their bodies.

The St. Paul Business Journal reports tattooing has actually been added to the company's benefits package. At its monthly training events, Anytime Fitness supplies a tattoo artist -- even paying the $100 it costs for employees to get the Running Man body art.

These aren't washable tattoos; this is the real deal. The fitness company says more than 500 employees have gotten the logo tattoo so far with expectations of 100 more to be added at the Anytime Fitness annual conference in September -- where the company hired a mobile tattoo parlor.

Anytime Fitness, founded in Hastings, Minnesota in 2002, has more than 1,300 clubs worldwide. Similar to 24 Hour Fitness, their clubs are open at all hours, 365 days a year.

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