You should probably think twice before following ESPN insiders on Twitter in the future. The self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in sports media has sent out new guidelines for employees regarding social networks and it's not good for those that use Twitter for breaking news.

In a move thats hard to believe, ESPN has ordered Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, Buster Olney, Jayson Stark, Marc Stein, Chris Broussard and the rest of its reporters to no longer break news first on Twitter.

Instead they must send the information to ESPN, delaying the breaking story and giving competitors the opportunity to have the scoop via the world of microblogging.

The new guidelines apply to all talent: Anchors, play-by-play, hosts, analysts, commentators, reporters and writers who participate in any form of personal social networking that contain sports-related content.

• Do not break news on Twitter. We want to serve fans in the social sphere, but the first priority is to ESPN news and information efforts. Public news (i.e. announced in news conferences) can be distributed without vetting. However, sourced or proprietary news must be vetted by the TV or Digital news desks. Once reported on an ESPN platform, that news can (and should) be distributed on Twitter and other social sites.

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