Presidential Dance Coach?

Charles Barkley was among the celebrity filled crowd last week for President Obama's 50th birthday bash in the East Room of the White House.

The former 76ers and Suns star left his mark on a Hollywood heavyweight in the crowd.

NY Daily News reports following a dinner of BBQ, pasta and pie in the Rose Garden, the guests moved to the legendary East Room. First Daughters Malia, 13 and Sasha, 10, led the big shots in the Electric Slide and the Dougie.

Actor Tom Hanks had some serious issues attempting to dance the Dougie. Hanks finally got into it after getting some personalized dance tips from Barkley.

The actor is much better on the silver screen than dance floor. Hanks ranks ahead of Eddie Murphy and Harrison Ford in Box Office Mojo's money standings. His 38 films grossed over $4 billion dollars, an average of $105,600,000 per Tom Hanks flick.

Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder were among the luminaries in the crowd.

Barkley gave his first class on the Dougie during a TNT broadcast.

Hanks might have gotten an F for his dancing at the White House, but he got straight A's for his weather dance on Univision.

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