Here's a bull that would make any matador turn in his cape.

Bushwacker, a 1,600-pound beast, is being called a once-in-a-lifetime champion. So far this season, eight riders have attempted to mount him for the required eight seconds needed in a qualifying ride, and nobody has gotten it done.

That's some bull. And the scary part is, as the announcer says in the video, "We haven't really seen him get warmed up."

The Daily reports the longest anyone has been able to stay on the monster since he became a full-grown adult is 6.6 seconds. Dustin Elliott, a 30-year-old cowboy from Nebraska, did just that -- but it wasn't enough to qualify.

The average amount of time Professional Bull Riders stay on Bushwacker is just 3.06 seconds, and only one rider back in 2009 was able to stay on the animal for the full eight seconds. But that was when the beast was an adolescent (3 years-old) in the world of bulls.

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Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of food to keep this brute happy. Bushwacker eats 16 pounds per day of a grain mixture that includes corn, cotton seeds and peanut hulls. The gargantuan champ drinks up to 40 gallons of water.

Bushwacker lives with 80 other rodeo bulls on a 600-acre ranch in Dublin, Texas. Kent Cox, his trainer, says the animal is a "once-in-a-lifetime" kind of ride.

Bucking-bull royalty produced this mammoth mammal. Bushwacker's maternal grandfather (Diamond Ghost) was a top performer, while his father, Reindeer, is still a ranked bull.

In 2010, the animal earned more than $335,000 from American Bucking Bull Inc., which gives prize money to bulls.

Bushwacker's sperm alone is worth $2,000 per sample. His owner, Julio Moreno of Oakdale, Calif., has turned down offers of $500,000 to sell the bucking bull. Moreno, who raised the animal for a son who died of leukemia, says he wouldn't even sell Bushwacker for $1 million.

To no one's surprise, the PBR league championship in Las Vegas this October will have Bushwacker as the hands-down favorite.

Good thing Bushwacker wasn't in Pamplona.