Vince Vaughn is at the top of the list when it comes to celebrity fans. The "Wedding Crashers" star is the Chicago Blackhawks version of Jack Nicholson, but he's been called out for his stinginess.

Vaughn, who got more TV time than some of the Blackhawks during the team's 2010 Stanley Cup-winning run, won big in Las Vegas but became stingy when it was time to leave a tip.

Strolling away from a Mandalay Bay blackjack table last week, Vaughn scored $30,000 in winnings. Norm Clarke of the Review-Journal reports he rewarded the blackjack dealer with just a $25 tip.

With a $35,000,000 net worth, Vaughn surely could have afforded handing over a gratuity of more than 0.08 percent of his winnings. Vaughn made $17.5 million from "The Dilemma" this year alone.

We're not sure if the actor was in Vegas just for fun or work. Vaughn has a staring role along side Bruce Willis and Laura Prepon in an upcoming sports gambling movie. IMDB reports "Lay the Favorite," in post-production is a dramedy about a mid 30's woman who finds herself hanging with a group of nerdy 50ish men who figured out a way to win big at Las Vegas sportsbooks.

"Lay the Favorite," also featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Corbin Bernsen, is set for a 2012 release in the United States.

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