Stevie Johnson had the controversial tweet of the 2010 National Football League season. Now he's starting to cash in.

Johnson, a seventh-round draft pick in 2008 out of Kentucky, blamed God for an overtime drop that cost the Buffalo Bills a victory against the eventual AFC champion Steelers.

While many marveled about that tweet on many levels, others were convinced it would end any chances for Johnson to earn sports marketing dollars.

Turns out they had it all wrong.

Johnson is endorsing a custom designed line of eye black this season.

Buffalo Business First reports the Bills receiver will be wearing specially wing designed eye black with his number 13 on it.

While most things athletes put their name to are overpriced, you can get this Johnson designed eye black for just $1.28.

Johnson, with 36,404 followers on Twitter, calls his friends and fans his "Wing Team," for sharing a positive upbeat mindset.

Eye black has been used by athletes for decades. Redskins fullback Andy Farkas is believed to be the first pro football player to wear eye black in 1942.

Babe Ruth used to smear grease under his eyes during afternoon Yankees games in the 1930s.

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