Baseball's all-time home run king is turning to the sketchy world of reality television to get fans back on his side.

Barry Bonds will confront one of his biggest critics and attempt to change his mind while the TV cameras roll. "H8R," set to launch in September on the CW, gives overexposed (and under-loved) celebrities the opportunity to give their side of the story.

Bonds will be making his first real public appearance since being found guilty on obstruction of justice charges in April.

The New York Post reports Bonds' taping of the show as been delayed because of injuries he suffered in a bicycle accident that actually put him in the hospital. Last month, Bonds told Hollywood paparazzi that his favorite sport to follow was the Tour de France.

Insiders from "H8R" say Bonds taping has been delayed nearly six weeks. The show will be hosted by Bonds buddy Mario Lopez, who convinced the former Giants and Pirates slugger to appear on the reality show.

"They were having dinner one night, and Mario told [Bonds] about the show," show creator Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey told the Post. "Barry was really into it; he started coming up with ideas right away."

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Bonds hit 762 career homers; he last played in the Major Leagues in 2007 for the Giants. The infamous son of baseball great Bobby Bonds ended his run with seven NL MVP awards, 14 All-Star game selections, 12 Silver Slugger Awards and 8 Gold Glove Awards, but will likely have to wait some time for the Hall of Fame because of his alleged steroid use.

Lakers star Ron Artest, TNT's Charles Barkley, NFL star Terrell Owens and WWE's The Miz are among the other big-name athletes who have agreed to appear on the show.