If you ever get the chance to visit the players' parking lot at your favorite NBA, NFL or Major League Baseball game, you'll be blown away by how many shiny Cadillac Escalades are parked there.

Turns out the jocks aren't the only one's who like them. Car thieves are more than six times as likely to target a Cadillac Escalade over any other car, according to research released by the Highway Loss Data Institute.

The HLDI analyzed insurance claims on vehicles from 2008 to 2010 to determine that four different versions of the luxury SUV appear at the top. The Escalade EXT is the most stolen, with 14 claims per 1,000 insured vehicle years -- more than eight times the average.

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The Ford F-250 is also popular with criminals -- it's second to the Escalade for the most theft claims. The HLDI reports pickups have much higher theft losses than passenger cars and SUVs.

If you drive a Chrysler 300 -- and many athletes do -- congrats, it's the most targeted car outside of luxury and sports cars. Following the Chrysler 300 HEMI are other models with powerful engines, including the Dodge Charger, HEMI and the Nissan Maxima.

The Audi A6 4-wheel-drive sedan and Mercury Mariner, a small SUV, lead the list of cars with the lowest claims.