Joe Girardi was upset when asked if he was pressured by team management to make sure Derek Jeter gets his 3,000th hit in the Bronx.

It's pretty obvious the Yankees and Jeter will suck every cent out of the Wall Street loving baseball fans in the Big Apple.

The New York Post reports Jeter's handlers are planning to sell over 200 pieces of memorabilia connected to his magical mark.

What's the most outrageous item for sale?

The Yankees are allowing Steiner Sports, memorabilia dealer and major team sponsor, to dig up five gallons of Bronx infield dirt from the historic game to sell. For $250 you can get a half-ounce of Yankees crud. With 32 half-ounces in one pound, Steiner Sports, if they can sell it all, will end up with a $40,000 profit off the sale of dirt.

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