Alex Rodriguez likes to hang with the best and brightest in the entertainment field, now thats gotten his name tied to a Major League Hollywood scandal.

Rodriguez can expect a phone call from Major League Baseball.

Star Magazine (via Radar Online) reports the Yankees star took part in illegal high stakes poker games.

This public embarrassment has been brewing in tabloids, stars like Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio were named recently, but this is the first time a pro athlete has been tied to wrongdoing.

A-Rod, as recently as two months ago, took part in high-stakes no-limit Texas Hold 'em games. The Yankees star paid the $40,000 buy-in to go against other celebrities in the game of chance.

Poker pro Adam Bilzerian tells Star that he was impressed with how talented a poker player A-Rod turned out to be. Bilzerian says the Yankees star won a "bunch of money" about 18 months ago at a private home poker game.

With a salary of $32,000,000 this season, A-Rod can afford to lose a few bucks playing cards. Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are unlikely to see it that way. In 2005, Selig claimed he wasn't happy Rodriguez had visited poker clubs.

It's illegal in California to play for money at underground poker clubs.

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