You're craving a delicious frozen pizza. You go to your local grocery store late at night, walk down the frozen food aisle only to find a 7-1 NBA player laying down where your tasty pepperoni pie should be.

Welcome to the world of JaVale McGee, the Wizards center who is arguably the NBA's best at planking.

He sent out this photo to his Twitter followers, showing himself laying face down around some ice cold pizza pies.

Planking, aka the lying down game, consists of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. Your hands must touch the sides of your body and having a photograph taken and posted on the Internet is a key part of the game.

In case you're wondering, McGee was paid $1,601,040 last season from the Wizards. When the lockout ends, the king of planking is set to earn $2,462,400. Washington has to hope JaVale's basketball skills -- 10.1 ppg, 8 rpg -- get to the level of his lying down and dunking skills (see below).

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