Derek Jeter is being toasted from sea to shining sea as he closes in on his magical 3,000th hit. Now the guys who run those big offshore sports books have tossed their two cents in.

Gamblers know that Jeter's 3,000th base hit is expected to be a single with 1-to-4 odds. Yankees fans who wager will find 4/1 odds on a double, or you can really play the pinstripe lottery getting 15-to-1 on a triple or 10-to-1 that radio voice John Sterling will break out into his legendary "El Capitan!" home run call after Jeter gets the magical mark.

Bodog even posted odds on what the count will be when Jeter records his 3,000th base hit. It's like betting random roulette wheel numbers.

What will the count be when he records his 3,000th base hit?

0 Balls 0 Strikes            7/2
0 Balls 1 Strike              13/2
0 Balls 2 Strikes            10/1
1 Ball 0 Strikes              13/2
1 Ball 1 Strike                5/1
1 Ball 2 Strikes              13/2
2 Balls 0 Strikes            6/1
2 Balls 1 Strike              13/2
2 Balls 2 Strikes            6/1
3 Balls 0 Strikes            12/1
3 Balls 1 Strike              13/2
3 Balls 2 Strikes            5/1

My personal favorite is who will run out to congratulate Jeter first. Base coaches Mick Kelleher (first base) and Rob Thompson (third base) are a combined 4-to-5 favorites to shake hands or hug the shortstop.

The offshore book lists a random umpire next at 5-to-1. If you think a Yankees teammate will get to Jeter first, you'll get 7-to-1 odds and the longest odds of all are for an opposing player giving Jeter some love with 3-to-2 odds.

When a team wins a championship, they all run out on the field and celebrate, and odds are -500 (1-to-5) that the Bronx Bombers give Jeter that kind of celebration. If you don't agree, you can get +300 odds in your favor.

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